On August 31, 2010, in Misc, by Cmc

Now my school year has started. Not only i go to uni, but also  Vocational school of Tartu and a half time job.

So, i am Mechatronics student in Vocational, Computer Engineering student in University and a sex shop manager. Sounds fun, i must admit.

Because all of this, i have to say, i will be doing less posts than 6 a week. Probably will go down to 2-3 post-s .  Time will tell

My first lecture in the uni that starts today is Introduction to space technology. I believe that 12 years of boredom in school was worth it.

Also i have to admit that i have been working on understanding the PROGMEM function in avr-libc so i can not say, that i actually am doing anything.

Now, time to go swimming. Healthy body == Healthy mind;

Cmc out


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