On November 5, 2010, in Misc, StoBot, by Cmc

I just got some really time consuming things done.

First of all the rocket presentation was a great success. It did go over the time limit, but it was quite nice that some people did seem to find it interesting and it got some rather nice feedback

Secondly I just had my test in Physics view of the world lecture. I have no idea how it went, but I did feel rather fine about it.

Now I am working on the StoBot again. During monday, I have to present the whole project on seminar and that means I have to complete the electronics part during Sunday. I think that then I can add some electronics to this page…

But for now I shall just go back to my Databases practice  works so that I could get a good mark in the university and maybe even gain some knowledge about how to create computer database for my storage bot computer UI.

All the best, Cmc


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