Teaching in University and Vocational school.

On March 22, 2012, in Misc, by Cmc

For now, I have been giving lectures and some practical training in vocational school of Tartu and also in the University of Tartu for around 2 months. I have made some interesting observation about usefulness of  lectures and also about difference of the students in both of these places.

The Vocational school students mostly are unable to listen to any lecture. Not to talk about how much they remember about what I have talked about. With them I am forced to use only practical work.

But when I think about the university students, I used to get this warm feeling, that they are able to learn a lot of things and fast. That is not true. They are able to listen to lecture, but again, nothing seems to be remembered about what was talked in the lecture. When we got to practical training, everything had to be re-talked about.

So, this is what I never see, but how can they not remembering anything?

So, this is what I never see, but how can they not remembering anything?

And now to get to the point of this post. I do not think that lectures as they are being done right now are useful in any way. I believe that much more useful is to let the students watch videos of lectures (like in the MITx course)  and then at school it should be only problem solving and/or discussion. Determined by the needs of the subject at hand. In that way the students could get help about the problems they need to be helped with and also the pace of the course will not be overly fast for one and too slow for others. Problem solving is the actual thing that needs to be learned in school, not skill to roll trough lectures.

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