Stobot’s first movements.

On January 13, 2011, in StoBot, by Cmc

StoBot first test run (To see the video, right click and Save Link As)

Now as the exams are done I had some little time to work on my own projects.

All of the evil wires are right where they must be, I have finished the first test code (that is what’s moving in the video.) and I must admit, that I am starting to feel like I’m growing my own child or at least a pet…

Anyways. The robot planning seems to be fully working. Allthou only thing that has not gone as planned was the counter set-up. At first I planned for X and Y counters to use IR, but I never got that working, so I decided to start using wire that touches the grounded frame of  the robot.  The wire counter actually surprised me a lot. I was expecting a lot of troubles, but for now it seems to be nearly ideal sensor.

The height counter can be seen between two white strips. The bended steel wire (Which are just usual isolation tape stripes)

So, now I have completed this phase of the stobot’s design cycle so I can move on. Next thing to do is to make new board for it (one that is just one piece and with MAX USB slave IC) so it would be ready for connecting to pc. Actually the end of the next phase is when I can get the machine to chat with pc.

Shall be fun to learn PC programming.

Ahhh I just love the simplicity of this design.

Oh, right. Here is me. Since hair was getting on my way:

I do believe it looks a bit different than on the page “About Me

All the best,
Cmc // Markus Järve

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