Stobot elevator. Another new design.

On November 15, 2010, in StoBot, by Cmc

I have been thinking about elevator guiding rails and as final date arrives closer I get more and more ideas that look like they are thousands of times better than the old ones.

Anyways I re-designed the elevator guiding mechanisms again.

This is it. The rollers are housed in capron guide so it would be self lubricating and stronger than steel.

Raising of this design is  from one wheeled side so that gravity would keep it aligned (from x y and z axes).

More I work on this design more I see that it is going to be quite the same design as elevators use that are in huge shopping centers  etc. Of course since the carried weight is different there are major design differences but the basics are quite the same. (and I hoped that I can design something completely unique.)

Also I am thinking about creating a project page for  housing the documentation of this project. Since blog is quite difficult way for getting full idea of the design and what has been designed so far.

University is complete killier. I study or build the robot when I am awake and sleep less from day to day. Some why it feels like everything is working out.

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