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On October 9, 2010, in Electronics, StoBot, by Cmc

I have not had too much sleep lately, but I do have some pretty nice schematics for StoBot

First of all I created an power distribution module. This is just for keeping everything clear and easy to follow. Especially when I get to building at some time.

Secondly I made a special H-Bridge for my lifting fork.  It is designed so, that it needs only one I/O.

Idea is that when fork is pushed out it would not need processor to tell it to stop, but it would just stop at some point. That point is fixed with Micro switch limiters. So, when H-bridge has run motor so long that fork is at desired place the limiter will kick in and just cut the supply for the H-bridge. H-bridge moves only forward (1) or backwards(0) so it is really stupid and by that it should be foolproof as-well.

Last but not least. I also constructed an number pad schematic. But wanted to have only one status for pins. So I could have easier programming and practicing some problem solving on schematics.

I should add Pull-down resistors but I do not have my Processor board ready because I do not want to use avrdev board for that and I need to add some visual feedback as well. So I will add needed pullups on that board. There will be some additions other than mentioned here.

But for now, the numpad board:

EDIT: This is actually 66% Bullshit… took some time to understand..

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  1. Jaanus says:

    Why the optocouplers? *confused*

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