On August 26, 2010, in Electronics, by Cmc

Soldering with leadfree solder is not an easy task. Especially when one wants to do a nice joint.  As i have been using Leadfree solder for a while now, i can say for sure that it takes much more care to make it look good and professional.

First of all, the PCB must be cleaned perfectly!  It may not have anything on it’s pads.

Secondly, using solder that has solder paste in it is useless, you need extra for sure.

Third, soldering method must be much cleaner. I mean by heating the pad and component leg, then adding solder, waiting for 1-3s (depending on preference, iron temperature etc)

And when all of that is done nicely you might get something like this:

Thou this is not perfect, it is pretty ok. At least by my standards.

As you can see from the picture above, i have used a LOT of solder paste and places where less has been used are much uglier.

Best regards,Cmc

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