Schematic and boards for night lamp.

On January 16, 2011, in Electronics, by Cmc

As I have wanted to re-do my room’s night lamp, here is the new schematic.

It will be checking for ambient light by photo-resistor and ADC of Attiny13. So when the light intensity falls below some certain level it will start fading led in by using PWM. Later I am planning to add real time clock and make it work like an alarm clock as well.

When light intensity rises above some certain level again, led will start fading out. I am not sure, but I think the fading time from 0% duty to 100% will be around 10-30minutes.

Here is the schematic

As you can see there is one unused pin and all the other pins are accessible trough programmer header or by tracks. Unused one will have larger pad, so when I see that one extra pin is needed I would not have to create new board.

Board with mostly THT components

The same schematic but with mostly SMD components (Only ugly things are pin headers. This is the first time they seem huge as hell)

This is all for now.

Best regards,

Cmc//Markus Järve

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