Robotex contest robot “FTW?!”

On August 9, 2010, in Misc, Robotex, by Cmc

This is the first post about our University project of Robotex robot contest’s football playing robot “FTW?!”.

It does not mean “For The Win” but rather “Fuck The Web?!”. The marks in the end are there just for more confusion.

The truth is that this robot plans to preform on pure power. We are designing it as simple as possible and as fast as we can. At the moment it moves with speed of 1m/s which is rather fast compared to other robots on last years contest and the size of the playing field (2×3 meters long).

At the moment most of the robot’s mechanical pars are ready and we are working on building controller board etc.

Picture of the robot

The micro servos are for sensors which will be used for scanning the area.

On the top we have power swich and we are using tamiya gearbox at it’s fastest setting

Also we have ball holder (the micro motor with glue stick)  and power supply (3xAA battery) We will be having 2 power supplies. One for motors and one for electronics.

This is all we have for now.

Cmc, over and out.

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