Solder this point to point! (TI DRB package)

I really wanted to show a picture of what I was able to solder, but it appears that my camera ran out of batteries.  Yes, it is one of those old ones that uses batteries.

You can stop laughing now…


The law of the internet. Cat pictures are mandatory!


As I said in the last post there are reasons why I will not take part in Estonian Robotex main competition.  And no, this is not only because I am starting to run out of time resource. Main problem that I see is the management.

I have been keeping my eye on the Robotex competition for 2 years and what I have seen has been really unpleasant. First problem for me is that in the previous years the competition has not been oriented to the audience or the newcomers to engineering. And that alone is so damn wrong. If any competition tries to attract anything from participants to investors then it has to be worth your while.  One high tech competition that gives enough credit for completing the task is not worth it.  No body wants to see competition where robots do nothing or attend on competition that takes more than half a year to be properly prepared. Slow is boring.

Mostly the competitions have been full of failing robots and teams running around. Luckily that is about to change this year. There is going to be more than one competition. At least one of them is truly fun. The all time robot competitions favorite “Line following”.

Line follower that achieved over 1m/s


Much bigger problem than just boring is the management itself. While the rules for the competition get defined beforehand it has been seen that rules change during after announcement . That means trouble for anyone in wish of attending. Not only the rules change, the rules actually seem to be changing to favor the Tallin University of Technology team.  While I really like that university and believe that the best engineers come from there, this kind thing ticks me off.

When I look at line following competition it seems to be of low value to the organizer university so I can hope that there will be no changing of the rules after they have been announced. Also designing a hyper-fast line follower seems to be something where I can fully use my Vocational training in mechatronics and new skills in electronics and programming.


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