On September 3, 2010, in Misc, by Cmc

My sister had a pretty clock radio which had really weak buttons. As time goes by, they stopped working.

Now, since she did not find radio like that she wanted me to fix it.

The problem is really simple, i just have to make new pcb for buttons and substitute those buttons for example with micro-switches.

Now, i made some pictures, so here they are:

Like this one are the buttons that are not working anymore.

As you can see from these last two pictures, this is really ugly work. I wonder how the hell can such work pass factory controlling now-days. But at the same time, it is some cheap Chinese radio. Well at least the casing is really pretty. That is only thing that my sis cares about :)

I have designed the PCB for it, but it will take a little time, until i can make it fit. I just have no time at the moment.

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