Quite a bit of time has passed from the time I started experimenting with D class amplifier input modulation stages. I have to admit that playing around with the simulator is really awesome.

The first small thing that I noticed is that the comparator sucks for modulation. I tried more than one real component that should have worked but for some weird reason I could not find one that was fast enough. So, after pinpointing the fault in the comparator I switched it from the comparator to 3MHz op-amp and here are the results:

First comparator vs latest op-amp

The first tests with real comparator vs the high frequency op-amp used as comparator.

As you can see, the operational amplifier change is not the only thing that is different. I also upped the sawtooth frequency to get a better resolution for my modulated signal. I think it needs another 2x

Also the test frequency I’m using is actually 40kHz so it is around the highest audible sound for a human being.

I would not show you the circuit I’m using because it is still in early stages of development, but as you can see, I’m moving onwards and having a blast with learning how these pieces work and act under real conditions.

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