PowerLED testing

On September 5, 2010, in Electronics, Misc, by Cmc

I was at home and discovered that I have a shit-load of powerLED-s which have no heat-sink. So, I grabbed one of them and started testing (I did not know the voltage drop or how much heat it will generate while at full work.)

So, I assumed that 1W white led consumes about 330-360 mA and started testing. My test voltage was 3.3V and I started with 10 ohm resistor (which was clearly too much, since I went down to 0.7 ohms) Initially I got the right current and so I started to test the heat it generates and compared it to heat with pure 3.3V.

Results: When I use that extremely small resistor, the heat-sink goes warm (the one on pic) but could support about 3 PwrLED-s. When I let 3.3V go in to that led freely, the heat-sink gets so hot, that I need to add forced cooling just to keep temp so low I could touch it. (ps, light emitting had little difference when compared to with or without resistor and my multimeter-s thermocouple showed about 85C while O ohm resistance .)

And some pictures since we all love em :P

This is how I tested it (oh and as a note for getting the LED to heat-sink i used normal superglue. Seems to work rather good.)

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