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Since most of my projects are delayed because I lack money or transportation device like Portal gun or Car I have decided to take on my first real programming project.

Project idea is not a new one. For a while now I have been thinking about how much information people give out about themselves on the internet. It seems like after collecting online information for a while you get to know  anyone better than he’s friends. My idea is that this information that one can collect is enough to track the person down at any part of he’s life. So, all I need is some means of organizing the info offered online and then analyzing it.



Also I have almost no programming skills and my storage bot’s next stage in development is building database for it, an computer interface with possibly GUI addition. Now, because I lack all kinds of cool transportation devices and money making ways for transporting things and buying materials I need to do something. I started on PresonDataFileProject. It is going to be C++ program for building and managing quite nice database of all the people I care to collect info on.

The project is built on C++ managing a folder system where every person is having it’s own folder. In there are going to be lot’s of files where any one will consist of some kind of data and one for metadata of this person. I want the program to be able on linking different people together and later it must be possible to print out pdf from all of that. Thou I guess that will  be made by help of LaTeX.

The project is still in preliminary design phase. I need to create good programming knowledge before it is possible to create consistent plan of developing this program.

First steps have all ready been taken. I started on through tutorial on C++ where I am focusing on data structures, File manipulation and good programming practices.

I understand that this project seems creepy but it seems fun, integrates in to my long term plans and actually gives loads of experience.




Best regards from Cmc

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