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On November 18, 2010, in Misc, by Cmc

I am not the biggest open source hardware developer (thou I have an idea of making StoBot OSH but maybe I’ll just post most of the info about it’s design here so that anyone could reproduce it and keep the core files for myself) but I do love OSH projects. (and if I take something from any OSH project I will make appropriate reference and show what I did with it.  Just to be a little bit fair)

Anyways I found a something called Factor e Farm Blog that seems to be one of the coolest things ever. How to be a HARD CORE DIY man and to be able to survive nuclear war with keeping most of the quality of the life we have at the moment :P

If I ever get to work somewhere so, that I can actually get some real money I will give them my support! (And maybe one day my engineering skills?)

I did read a little about Open Source Ecology and I have to admit that it fits right in to where I want to be. I already know that you can DIY anything from clapping switches to liquid propellant rocket motor so a way that summarizes all of that is OSE in the other words- AWESOME!

And for finishing a little picture from the

Best Wishes for all OpenSource Developers, Engineers and real DIY people (does not really matter if you do OS or just proprietary. If you make something, it makes you cool)

Cmc, over and out.


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