I guess that not many people know about what this place looks like, so it would be a good idea to post a picture of our laboratory.

Digilab @ University of Tartu.

The place we all like to work at.

I guess that the big coily thing in the middle of the room looks like something interesting. It is probably not surprise to anyone that one of our friends here is building a Tesla coil. The reason it is not a surprise, is that there are always people in labs like ours, that like building some crazy shit. For example High voltage (about 1MV) generator.

Here is the close up on the Tesla Coil. I have no knowledge about theory.

Also a little picture about the controller pcb.

This is the controller pcb compared to the coil itself.

As that is not very new or innovative, we also have serious people solving real problems. One of such real problems is that quite often we happen to forget a baton of very good milk chocolate on a PSU. It is not a problem until someone starts using the Power supply and it starts to warm up. Then the chocolate will, quite fast, stop being a baton and will turn in to something like  very thick milkshake. No one likes that. So, after one day it happened again we decided to use our engineering smartness to fix the problem. I guess it was not the most optimal solution, but pretty cool nevertheless.

Very nice way to get thick milkshake back to being chocolate.

Our version of chocolate cooler. Duct tape is vital!

Now, as these things might not look like the coolest stuff ever, I got something extra to show! The glowing CuSO4·5H2O.

glowing CuSO4·5H2O

This is the crystal from StarCraft! Gives out energy and all!!!!

All of the previous tech belongs to Matis Averin and Kalle-Gustav Kruus.

Also, can anyone guess how they it glow?


About my things, I also got something.

First of all I have started learning Altium Designer and also LTSpice. I like both of the programs very much. They are easy to use, with really good user interface and flexible.  Also my pcb order arrived some time ago.

Pcb panel from brandner

Teensy clones from Erik Ilbis, my sound modules and some LED shields.

I really love how my Sound module design was again defective. It just made my day. Also, not only was it defective but I found a module that costs 9€ and has more features that I was working on. Goddamn.

Anyway, I guess the things on my mind are on the web now. Best of luck!



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