LM393N for signal level adjusting

On May 21, 2011, in Misc, by Cmc

Just for past two days I have had lot’s of frustration on testing different converter types for making my 2-5V digital signal into 0-5V signal.  The best result came from comparator circuit.

For making it do the thing I used comparing value of 2.5V and that was about it. The schematic consists of LM393N comparator chip and 3x  15k ohm resistors. Two for voltage divider and one for 5V pull-up (I guess since it’s just  the reference design from Datasheet).

At first I had idea about using only voltage divider but that just makes the differences smaller. Then I planned on trying 555 timer based schmitt trigger but for some reason I just could not get it to work. After many fails I decided to go on the easy road and just went to electronics shop near my lab and got these comparators.

Btw it is amazing to have electronics shop in 5 min radius from place where you work with it. Just the best thing ever imaginable.




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