Line follower [update]

On November 4, 2011, in Electronics, Mechanics, Misc, Robotex, by Cmc

I have had some time to work with the line follower again.

Firstly, the latex tires work awesomely. I have achieved about 10x better grip than with stock tires. All I had to do was 3 layers of latex paint. Yea, the same kind that is used for fetish play.



The original sensor board that can be seen on the last picture is not working. The problem seems to be sensor info output impedance. I concluded that from the fact that ADC measurements create sawtooth signal on my oscilloscope while without working ADC signal is nice.

I all ready ordered new sensors and also tested them. They should work, as have gotten nice signal from them and also measured it with main controller unit.

An interesting problem that I met is that my original code for the average calculations did not work. Also, it did not work AND gave me random numbers. The first one is usual but second one got creepy. No idea why it acted like it did thou…

Since only things missing are sensors and code I’d say that I am well in schedule. Also, finish seems to be quite near. ( november.)



2 Responses to Line follower [update]

  1. adzlan says:

    hello, i wanted to try this method, will it be really grip?

    • Cmc says:


      Yes, it did boost grip a lot. Sadly it also picks up more debris from the surface. I used 2 layers eventually and was thinking about moulding my own tires. If you want to know about the difference with rubber stock tires it is about 3-4 times better grip. Sadly I have no measurements to show since atm this chassis is in pieces and I have no time to put it up again.

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