Ladybug drone death.

On November 25, 2012, in Misc, by Cmc

A few days ago I got myself the Ladybird V2 – a quadcopter. It was awesome until it had a little accident and fell about 15 meters. Well, the drone seemed to survive the fall all right, but something was amiss… One of the motors didn’t work. After debugging it with the oscilloscope I concluded that the problem had to be with one of the motors.

Broken brush

Yes, that was exactly the problem. One of the brushes from the (brushed)motors had broken or burned off. One of the brushes has 2 needles and the other one has only one of those and even that is 90′ at the wrong angle. Well, I guess this motor will not start any time soon. Sad… Maybe I can do something fun with the cypress RF chip that this setup was using, or maybe even reprogram the atmega?  Hmm. Will take a deeper look into that.


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