Hybrid Rocket engines

On September 29, 2010, in Misc, by Cmc

I have got few assignments from university.

First I need to make a presentation about hybrid rocket engines from the viewpoint of amateurs and professionals.

United States Patent 6684624

So, as you can see, the hybrid rocket engine means, that one has liquid and solid propellant mix, that is not mixed until it is needed to burn. Because oxidizer and fuel propellants are kept separately hybrid rockets usually have no TNT equivalence which means they are much safer. Basically these are the safest kind of rocket engines that basically never explode during launch or mid-flight.

Second interesting assignment is Space Communication for CubeSat, but I do not have enough information about that yet so I could write it here.

Just to mention, I also have got the linear slider for X-axis movement for my StoBot, but sadly my camera died so I can not make pictures at this time. I will be testing it shortly and then I will post the results of how it is moving.

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