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I am an owner of brand new HTC Wildfire S (Quite) smart phone. This post is all about this gadget.

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Now, I am not going to give complete review of this phone, but I will point out what I like or what I don’t like.

Firstly, I called this phone “Quite smart phone” because it is nowhere near the real leaders of high tech smart phones. It gets a lot of reviews talking about how laggy it is, how bad user experience is and that it is just plain under powered but I do not agree. I feel that this gadget has really good CPU and it gets everything done. Thou reader of this post must consider that I am not an flashy animation loving person. I enjoy things to be fast and simple. Naturally the first thing to do, was to remove all the time consuming animations. I did not remove them because they killed the cpu, but because the second I gain from lack of smoothness  is worth it.

All the built in functions work as they should, menus are fast and smooth. Apps pop up with no delay and everything seems to be running as intended.

Also screen is really nice and bright. I do feel that it is a bit small to do hard core reading or web surfing, but it is still an mobile phone. It has to be small. I bought it to be small.

Wildfire S charging on my man-purse @ lab electronics desk.


I  chose this gadget because it has the same size battery as many bigger brothers but has considerably smaller cpu. By smaller I mean current wise and this is a Deep disappointment. I was waiting battery time to be up to 3 days with moderate use. But what I found out is that this new Gingerbread android has a huge bug.  There is thing called Dialer App that basically is most of the mobile phone core functions but it seems to stay in partial wakelock because of some sensor polling. Now, I could not care less about some sensor but if my mobile gets from theoretical 4 days of battery life to 12h then it is complete failure.  Also, HTC has confirmed this to be a bug and that they know of it but there is no information about it being fixed. Only way not to meet this battery draining bug is to reboot your mobile phone every time someone calls. I tried that for a day and with 30% of success of restarting phone after every call and actually got 29h battery life with no problems.

But ok, Software often gets bugs. That is part of the development of such huge systems. What else annoys me is that HTC has confirmed there to be a problem, but it seems that they have all the time in the world to work on the issue.  For crying out loud, This thing is draining my battery for no functionality… FIX IT!


And off I ponder again,



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