I had a lucky day to get some leftovers from the electronics manufacturing company. It all begun as 4kg bag of useless crap and by now we have a supply of 8kg per month to the DigiLab.

Pile of components

So, this is one moment of my sorting

But after few hours of work, I managed to create something a little more useful.

Electronics components sorted by package

Sorting takes time, but it is worth it

Electronics manufacturing companies have got a lot of components that come of the line and are not usable by pick-and-place  machines because of one reason or another. Getting these components is not the greatest win. The greatest is when you get a load of sorted expensive components that are actually obtainable from local distributors. My favourite find so far is the 20€ ISO122UE4.

Also I have a set of tantalum capacitors, 30A N-channel mosfets, diferent valued inductors, Standard off the shelf smpsu transformers from Coilcraft, SD card sockets and more.

At first I was quite dubious about the usefulness of the bag, but really, small stuff is to throw away and anything with ID large enough to identify (except resistors) is worth the time.

The key to access to such deals is getting to know people. You need to talk to your teachers, mentors, friends etc or just go to work to some. Mostly the latter is not a good idea, since real fun engineering is not part of factory. Teaching on the other hand is.


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