I have done a little something that I have no idea about.

Firstly I designed my exposure box in Google Sketch up. Printed it out on scale 1:1. Drew lines on a 10mm wood and started cutting. Little did I know that I can screw up so badly.

I had all ready planned on covering wood with plaster before spray painting, but what I had to do, was correcting 4-7 degrees of bad angles.

Thanks to the  idea of covering the wood with plaster I had it all ready. So, this is what I did:

I have to show close up. because this does not seem ugly enough.


The reason of having really huge amount of plaster is that I had only the finest plaster around. That means that this thing actually flows. It was completely impossible to do any kind of accuracy.

After it had hardened (or dried or whatever it is that plaster does) I just took some time to sand it off and this is the result:

This picture also shows about how bad the angles are on my cutting. At least some.

And a closeup:

Sadly I forgot  to take pictures of the box before plaster.

If I get lucky then I will get this box done by the 12-13 june.


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