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I am back and twice as  ugly.

There has been really a loads of stuff happening in the time I was silent. Now I’ll try to get to them one by one.

Today I did an obscure thing. Since I am building an schematic on a prototyping board but have only smd attiny13 I was forced to make Pin-head converter. So, I grabbed an standard two-line pin-header, bended the pins a liittle to get approximate locations for the pins and then just brutally solder bridged the whole thing. Now see that using cheaper smd component even on a standard prototyping board is not really hard.

So, here is how it looks

I have seen people do it. But usually it has been some pretty ugly and lots of work including way. This here took about 5 min. (with searching for pin-header from my parts bin) .

I’d say, it is pretty cute actually.  Oh, btw. This project here is the nightlamp I have made some schematics for. It will be automated so, when light shines, it will be turned off. Nothing fancy, but something I have wanted to make for a while now.

Well, see you soon and all the best


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