Gopro hero bus hacking.

On November 17, 2012, in Misc, by Cmc

Heya everybody!

Yesterday I had my luck with hacking gopro3 herobus. What was needed was access to the bus’s composite video out.

There are forum posts that suggest going for output channels and that should do it. Sadly that is enough only for some gopro firmwares. And none of gopro 3 firmwares.

I did find a forum post that suggested using i2c eeprom, but the forum post used too large eeprom. Gopro uses only 1byte adress for eeprom access.

Although the information about connections and byte location were true.

So, the gopro 3 hero bus can be made to put out analog video by using i2c eeprom that has 1 byte memory addressing and also the eeprom needs to have first byte writen to 0×09. In addition to grounding pin 22 and pin 21.  Slightly broken directions can be found here. The tutorial is broken because the gopro 3 is unable to read eeprom with 2byte addressing.

Herobus interface with i2c eeprom

Composite video output from my very cheap oscilloscope.


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