Etching Tank

On August 25, 2010, in Misc, by Cmc

I have built an etching tank for 11$.

All that is needed: Some hot glue, plastic candy box, aquarium pump (for bubles) and some plastic tubing (Usually comes with the pump).

Here it is:

The green liquid is CupricChloride, which is, in my opinion, the best etching solution for home users.

It does not stain like FeCl, you can use one solution virtually forever by oxygenating the solution  and if you need to dispose it you can just add some home chemistry to make it totally inert.

I created my solution by mixing water, 35% HCl and HydrogenPeroxide. And for getting the right thing i also need some copper. To be true HCl and H2O2 are also pretty damn good for etching, but that solution is highly corrosive and would eat through your stainless steel kitchen sink only in matter of minutes and would make it rust like normal iron rod during a looooong and moist spring time.

A little more info about CuCl:

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  1. Liisbet says:

    Oeh, “candy box” was all I understood :( Sad, but true

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