On September 17, 2010, in Electronics, by Cmc

One day ago my JK Flip-Flops arrived so I could test setting it in to T F-F for inverting trigger.

The need for that came when I was searching trough web for clap-switch that would be good enough for my room lights, so I would not need to manually operate them.

I did find a good switch schematic from here. This schematic is using Decade counter which has cost of 1$ here, but I knew I could get it cheaper. So at one point I found T Flip-flop, witch is perfect for inverting output on clock signal. (And costs about 0.1$)

Here is the schematic so far:

PS, as you can see the second 555 output is having a pull-down resistor and capacitor. This is because only way to get my T F-F output inverting stable was to use this kind of setup. It might go away if I get any time to test T with 555 output.

I have not yet calculated all the resistors etc since the source of this schematic has been built for 9V but I am using it on 5V. Also I do not have the relay noted there. that will be added as I find out what kind of relay I have at home. (Or mosfet if I get my 25W led light ready)

Best regards, Cmc

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