Balsa wheel

On July 20, 2011, in Mechanics, by Cmc

On every occasion when I’ve had an idea of creating something that uses wheels for locomotion I have found myself tackled by the problem of finding any wheels with needed specifications. This time I have decided to overcome that problem once and for all.

I present my first try to make balsa wood wheels.

Here I have used 3 sheets of balsa glued together. This should mean that I achieve much better strength than would be possible with just one sheet of wood. It can be seen that one of the balsa circles is smaller than others. I decided to do so because then I’d be able to insert some construction silicone in the slit and it would be affixed more firmly. Reason for the silicone is to act like a tire to offer better traction on the surface where we want to be mobile on.

Next steps in the construction are coloring the wheel, fastening it to rotating servo, placing the silicone and smoothing the surface of the silicone.

In reality I have no idea if the wheel’s real strength will be useful in any way or what is needed to be done for using such thing successfully. But since all my current projects are heavily documented I feel like doing something in the way of true DIY while using trial and error method would be fun.

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