Avr Dev Brd V2.1

On August 5, 2010, in Electronics, by Cmc

As I etched the Dev Brd V2.0 I found out, that i had misplaced supply nets (as you can see from  this post)

Though it would have been easier to make new PCB I decided to make the old one work.

The pictures of the Avr Dev Brd V2.0:

This is the PCB after etching. As you can see the connector pads are little off.

This is the same board after soldering and before i found out how broken it is.

And this is how i soldered it and how i fixed the wrong connections (yes i know the soldering is ugly, but i did not have any extra rosin.

Now, Time for the big winner. Avr Dev Brd V2.1


As you can see it has added reset button and pin-heads for getting power supply from the board (for other IC-s etc)

The led is 5 mm red led. Led-s current limiting resistor is 330 ohm-s

The reset pull-up resistor is 10K ohm. But you can use what ever value you like (would be nice to be above 10K)

The electrolytic capacitor should be around 20uF and make sure the voltage rating is at least 1.5x higher than input voltage. (better if 2x)

The ceramic capacitor should be around 100nF

And this is the board layout.

DevBoardV2.1 board

I can not give any warranty about this one working. I have checked the schematics and board for few times and it should not have any mistakes in it. I will etch it as soon as i can and let you all know.

Avr Dev Brd V2.1 .brd

Avr Dev Brd V2.1 .sch

Cmc, over and out

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