Avr Dev Brd V2.0

On August 4, 2010, in Electronics, by Cmc

This is the schematic of Avr Dev Brd V2.0
I decided to give it a real name and made circuit much easier. Also i made board more compact for my use.
It has no more features than programming header, on board power and power indicator led. The idea of this board is to be easy, speed up my code development and prototyping.

Here is the schematic:


(Click on it to see the full size)

And here is the board layout and part locations:

board layout parts

(Click for original size)

I already etched the board as well and will post picture as soon as my sister gives me her camera. (i have none, since i waste my money on components.)

Edit: Just to be correct i made little change on capacitors (old board can be used):


EDIT: IMPORTANT!!! This schematic has one major mistake in it, of which i had no idea about until i etched the board. I will make Avr Dev Brd V2.1 and link it from here aswell.

The problem is that i connected the schematic wrong, so V out is actually V in and the opposite ways.

Just a stupid mistake that i did not notice.

EDIT: A link to new Avr Dev Brd V2.1

Cmc over and out.

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