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I was sitting at home, and i discovered that I do not have any reliable power source.

So I went around looking and found an old ATX PSU which was about 250W.

For making ATX work like normal lab power supply you need some things. For example, SMsupply schematic, Voltage meter and Ampere meter.

I say, that you need schematic because computer ATX can supply only 3.3V, 5V, and 12V (-12 and -5 as well, but those are so weak that it renders them almost useless. At least for me.)  But they do have rather good current. Mine can  source about 15A of 3.3V, 20A of 5V and 5A of 12V.

Since I am out of money for now, I could only get main voltages. (I will convert it to lab PSU some day.)

Any ways, as i found out, I need some kind of load for the psu to start working, so i used 2 12V 0.2A computer fans. (I have load of those in my motor box).

Sadly i did not have all the banana plugs I wanted, so it is slightly ugly and 3.3V comes out from a wire not a plug, but it works and I am happy for now.

this is how it looks like:

At the moment the red plug is +5V, the green one + 12, black one GND and the orange wire from left corner is +3.3V.

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