Night lamp

On March 27, 2011, in Electronics, by Cmc

I just completed a small night-lamp design. I had it on mind for quite a while, now it’s ready for programming.

Design here is completely easiest ever. I have Attiny 13 that does the computing, ADC and switching. Power transistor for driving High power red LED. LDR for getting info about ambient light conditions. Regulator, programming header, some resistors and capacitors.

In the beginning I planned to use full surface of this prototyping board, but as it seems, the project was not big enough. As I saw more and more room to be spare, I got sloppier and in the end just connected all of the missing connections to finish. These small prototyping-boards are the best things ever. They work ideally for base structure of heavy p2p soldering while making it tremendously easier.

Oh, for this project I built 2W resistor out of 1/4 watt ones. I just felt really impatient.

Well, I hope to have programmed and assembled lamp for next post.

All the best

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