On October 16, 2010, in Misc, StoBot, by Cmc

I have been reviewing my H-bridge schematic (in the previous post) And it is Bull Shit! I can never do schematics again when I have not had good enough sleep. At least I can not post them.

But for this post I have new design on my storage bot.

I needed new design because when the storage area is 1.7m high and I use 4 steel bars for guide rails it will get stuck. Because setting those in perfect alignment is almost impossible at least for my experience and workshop.

This design uses aluminium L profile guide rails that are one sided. This means that lift can not get stuck since it is fastened only form one side and other side can play as much as it wants.

Also I tried to make some pcb-s last week but it failed miserably. (I got toner transfer perfect, but etching failed.)

Cmc out!

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