A week ago my friend Matis told me about a missing awesome feature and possibly something that would make my line follower with even better traction than just better wheels and ackermann steering. The differential drive.

By differential drive I mean a mechanical device named “differential” used for converting mechanical single rotating input in to two complementary outputs that are able to move at different speeds depending on the resistance difference of  output axes.

Quote from wikipedia:

A vehicle’s wheels rotate at different speeds, mainly when turning corners. The differential is designed to drive a pair of wheels while allowing them to rotate at different speeds. In vehicles without a differential, such as karts, both driving wheels are forced to rotate at the same speed, usually on a common axle driven by a simple chain-drive mechanism. When cornering, the inner wheel needs to travel a shorter distance than the outer wheel, so with no differential, the result is the inner wheel spinning and/or the outer wheel dragging, and this results in difficult and unpredictable handling, damage to tires and roads, and strain on (or possible failure of) the entire drivetrain.



Since this is total mechanical porn and I am not only an electronics enthusiast, I decided to find myself something that would give me all the elements I wish for and also would be useful for the Line following competition.

Lucky for me to find this:

Complete mechanics porn from Ebay. It's from revolutionshop

Thanks to this I dont even have to bother myself with the motor driver, batteries or mechanics. Probably there will be some rebuilding of parts that I dislike or would like to see perfected but this is exelent starting point for my wheeled robotics projects.

Now the next steps are to design new and smaller sensor board and redesigning the main cpu board. This platform different requirements than what I had in mind before.

Can’t wait for it to arrive


Cmc//Markus Järve


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